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On 02/11/05 01:55 PM, Karen Donathan sat at the `puter and typed:
> To Whom it may concern:
> My name is Karen Donathan and I am a computer science teacher at
> George Washington High School in Charleston, WV.  We run our website
> ( on a FreeBSD server.  This project was
> given to me, and I am afraid that I really should know more about
> how this works.
> My question is as follows:  How can I run a virus scan on my system?
> What scan do you recommend?
> The reason I am asking this question is that our school system
> administrator just found that there were some files infected with
> Klez.h in the webroot directory of our server.  He found this out as
> he downloaded some files from this directory to our Windows-XP
> school server, and Norton flagged it right away.

I was doing the same thing last night at 11:30.  Norton flagged over
100 instances of Klez on my sister-in-laws business computer.  There
were at least a dozen others, including a keylogger, backdoor, and at
least 8 other trojans, but Klez was definitely the most proliferated.
Fun, ain't it?

> Any suggestions?

As suggested by another poster, Clam-AV.  I use it and it catches all
kinds of nasties.  There is also f-prot, which you can set up as a
backup scanner through Amavisd-new.

I use Amavisd-new with postfix as my SMTP server, but if you're using
Sendmail, there may be other options you want to check out.  Start
with the handbook:
particularly chapter 4, if you're not familiar with the ports, and
chapter 22 to get a good overview of the options involving email.

Good luck

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