Please don't change Beastie to another crap logo such as NetBSD!!!

Vonleigh Simmons nospam at
Fri Feb 11 16:37:40 GMT 2005

> People want to change the logo from Beastie to something else because
> Beastie isn't professional enough, so some committers decided to hold a
> contest for a new logo?

	As an artist here is how I see it: Beastie is a mascot, not a logo. 
It's like having "Disney" with a Mickey Mouse. The logo is either the 
word Disney in that very distinct font, or the black ears. The mascot 
can be part of the logo but not always; in the Disney example it's 
derived from it (this approach could work with Beastie). Another 
example is, that also has a distinct mascot and a logo 
(don't like the logo, just pointing it out).

	So the logo contest could use beastie in some interesting way: framed, 
simplified, stylized, vectorized, etc.  In other words made into a real 
logo from the cartoon character. By stylize I mean for example what the 
fox looks like in the firefox logo.

	Changing logos is never a good thing, it's best done if it's done 
gradually (think apple losing the stripes). However I don't feel like 
freebsd has ever really had a logo identity to begin with. Just look 
here, all the beasties are different:


	If you're going to use beastie just standing like that, it has to be 
done much better, vectorize it or do it at a higher resolution. There 
needs to be a real professional logo.

	Finally: it's not about marketing, it's not about commercialization, 
it's about image. This is a very professional product, many people have 
contributed years of very hard work to get FreeBSD where it is today. 
The logo should show the dedication to the project and the high quality 
to which it aspires. If the image looks like it's drawn by a 15 year 
old[1], then that's what the project will look like. Ya, "don't judge a 
book by it's cover" sounds great if no one did it.

Vonleigh Simmons

[1] No offense intended. I don't think beastie is bad in any way, I 
just think that it looks dated; even the lettering for FreeBSD is dated 
as well.

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