xinerama with an "ati radeon 9200se"

Didier Wiroth didier.wiroth at
Fri Feb 11 07:02:10 PST 2005


I've installed freebsd 5.3 with xorg 6.8.1 (from ports).

I've an "ati radeon 9200se" graphic adapters which has:
a) 1 x digital connector
b) 1 x analog connector

On the digital connector I've a philips lcd monitor and on the
analog connector I've a sony lcd monitor connected.

Unfortunately I'm not only able to get a signal in x11 on the digital
(which is connected to the sony lcd monitor). The monitors show a
message "no signal".

Actually running "Xorg -configure" only detects the monitor connected to
the analog output.

What ever I tried I was not able to get a signal on the digital out of
the card?!

When not running X I have a cloned console mode. On both screen I can
see the same consoles.
As soon as I startx only 1 screen works, the one connected to the analog

I (of course) tried to configure a second screen, defining sections etc,
Screen 0, Screen 1, ServerLayout stuff etc
like here for example:

May be someone is alreay using a more less equal config with an "ati
9200se" in xinerama mode?
Could you please send me your xorg.conf?

Any help is welcome, please give me some suggestions.

In advance, thanks a lot!!!

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