Please don't change Beastie to another crap logo such as NetBSD!!!

Louis LeBlanc FreeBSD at
Fri Feb 11 06:26:14 PST 2005

On 02/11/05 09:52 AM, Anthony Atkielski sat at the `puter and typed:
> Mike Hauber writes:
> > Heh...  This gives me an idea...  How about FreeBSD "skins."  The
> > Beastie as the default (of course), and dis_ey-type themes for 
> > the "weak in the faith".  If FreeBSD's attempt is not to be 
> > offensive to anyone, anywhere, anytime, then perhaps it just 
> > needs to jump into a different skin for everybody (corporate or 
> > otherwise) it serves...  Perhaps a questionare to be filled out 
> > in the beginnings of sysinstall would let the system know what is 
> > to be considered "appropriate."
> This sort of idea betrays the geek atmosphere that pervades FreeBSD and
> many other open-source efforts.  It might please geeks installing the
> OS, but it only makes it look like a toy to people who are installing it
> for serious use.  Nobody sitting in a machine room in front of a rack of
> servers is going to care anything about "skins."

They why would they care *what* the logo is?  Those of us that use
FreeBSD every day on our desktops for 99.999% of everything we do on a
computer of any kind would be more likely to have an opinion.

Which should also be obvious by the length of this and at least one
other thread on the subject here on questions alone.  I haven't even
checked on advocacy.

I'm just going to say this.  I use FreeBSD for EVERYTHING I do until
I'm forced to open a word doc someone else will have to edit and see.
I know there are alternatives, but they don't seem to have some of the
features needed for the stuff I get at work.

Regardless, I never had a problem with Beastie.  I like him.  He is
the only mascot/logo/whatever associated with an OS (other than the
window) that is actually relevant.  What the hell does a penguin have
to do with Linux?  What does a red hat have to do, except to repeat
the name?  Even Puffy isn't really relevant except to try to represent
the security features -why not an armadillo?

Even when I was a "spiritual" and "faithful" Catholic, I never had a
problem with Beastie.  I know that christians buy Deviled Ham every
day, watch the Blue Devils play football or whatever it is they do,
and use Red Devil paints and caulking to winterize their houses, and
don't think twice, but now Beastie is coming under fire because he's
red, has horns and a tail and a fork.  Must be Satan.  Therefore
people that love FreeBSD love Satan.  That's logic.

I don't think I have the energy to keep posting to this thread.  I
have other things to deal with.  I'm just going to restate my opinion
here one last time.

There were obviously some assumptions made about the intentions of the
core group.  Most, if not all were probably wrong.  At least about
the way they were planning this whole contest.  I don't think anyone
ever intended to doubt the fact they are genuinely interested in
nothing more than spreading FreeBSD and it's welfare.  The more people
that use it the better appreciated they'll feel.  Perfectly
reasonable.  I suspect that whether they are right or wrong about
Beasties impact on the spread is the only issue at hand.

Beastie is relevant, he's well liked by those that understand him.
There is no good reason to remove him.  You want to build a multi
faced distribution with "skins", go right ahead.  Contrary to the
previous post, I don't think I'd really have any problem with it.
Just don't remove the beastie images from the distribution, and don't
make it a pain in the ass to keep him in the boot screen.

I know there will be plenty of people that disagree, but these are my
opinions and I'm sticking with them.  No, not blindly.  Maybe I'm just
not business savvy, but I never set out to be.  I *have* my reasons
for wanting the look of FreeBSD to stay the same, and they're not
based on other peoples sensitivities, beliefs or hysteria.

Just let me know if the beastie shirts go on sale.  I'll stock up.

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