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Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at wanadoo.fr
Thu Feb 10 23:16:54 PST 2005

Technical Director writes:

> "Okay Rob, you can have one FreeBSD box, on your desktop..."

The first time I encountered FreeBSD, I dismissed it because of the
name.  It sounded like yet another geek hobbyist project, like Linux,
and that was something I didn't think should run in a critical
production environment.

Even today, although I know that FreeBSD is indeed suitable for
heavy-duty production environments, it's hard to recommend it for
corporate and mission-critical use because there is no support structure
for it, and unless a site has qualified UNIX administrators and
programmers on staff (some sites do), FreeBSD--or any open-source UNIX
system without a formal support structure--is a risky proposition.
Sure, it may well run for twenty years without a boot ... but what if it
_does_ crash?  Whom do you call?  That's what IT managers (rightly)
worry about.


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