wireless-to-wired bridging

Hexren me at hexren.net
Thu Feb 10 22:33:51 PST 2005

RL> I have a question that is more of a networking question than a BSD
RL> question, but I am hoping someone out there has faced this same dilemma
RL> before and has some advice:

RL> I have a FreeBSD machine running -current that servers as a router for my
RL> home LAN, using nat. I recently tossed in a DLink DWL-G520 wireless card
RL> (ath0), and bridged that interface to the internal LAN interface on the
RL> machine (rl1). After a bit of configurating, I had the ath interface in
RL> hostap mode, and everything was working great - except the wired clients
RL> cannot route to eachother.

RL> I am suspicious that, since the wired network is in AP mode, if a
RL> wireless client wants to send a packet to another wireless client, it
RL> must be sent to the AP, which should theoretically redirect the packet
RL> to the appropriate host on the wireless net. In the wired network, a
RL> switch handles this automagically on the datalink layer without those
RL> messages hitting the rl1 interface of the BSD router. I've looked at
RL> the bridge code, and it seems that unless a packet is multicast or
RL> broadcast it will be copied to the other bridge interfaces but not
RL> returned to the original caller. Since the packets being sent between
RL> wireless clients are not broadcast, I think they are getting dumped into
RL> the black hole of the wired LAN, and not being processed and pumped back
RL> out through the ath interface. Is this a correct assumption? Are there
RL> ways I can overcome this problem?

RL> Thanks,
RL> Reid
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I can not really follow your train of thought :(

What do you want to send to whom and what does nut funtion ?


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