Please don't change Beastie to another crap logo such as NetBSD!!!

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Thu Feb 10 21:31:40 PST 2005

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> It is interesting that I constantly hear "FreeBSD MUST have the
> Beastie as the only logo for FreeBSD.  We MUST NOT even consider
> any other logo -- because if we consider ANY other logo, we will
> be close-minded!".

That is so not true that it makes me almost as angry as the original

Go read Advocacy, where all this started, I made a post there
which specifically called for the people offended by the beastie
image to go design their politically correct logo, and to use it
with their dealings with their customers.  Nobody in the pro-beastie
camp is saying they can't do this.  What is actually happening is
the people offended by the beastie image are asking the rest of
us to stop using it as a logo and substitute some watered-down
PC version of it that (at least this year) supposedly offends no
one and will become the 'official logo'

> So, there is one-and-only-one valid logo for FreeBSD, and that
> is because FreeBSD is so very open-minded?

There can be only ONE 'flagship' logo just as there is only one
company name in a conglomerate.  But there is plenty of space
for different subsidiary marks for the product.

For example, Chevrolet, Buick, Saturn, these are all part of
General Motors.  However they have their own distinct brands and
logos and such.  But, there is only ONE name for the company - GM -
that is used when talking about the -entire- enchalada.

> Note that the contest is just to see what logos people can come
> up with.  It's not like we are demanding that the logo must have
> angels in it, or a picture of some other religious figure.
> Nothing more than "Let's see what ideas people can come up with".

And if some of the suggestions reproduce Beastie in all his
un-politically correct glory, what then?  What if they put it
to a vote and the userbase all votes for logos that clearly
represent the Beastie image?  What will have been the point of
the contest?

You know darn well your blowing air on the contest.
Unless the contest admins deliberately filter out and restrict
all beastie likenesses, the contest will be dominated with
Beasties.  And unless they don't put it to the userbase for a
vote, the userbase will go for beastie.


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