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Technical Director technical at ultratrends.com
Thu Feb 10 19:15:07 PST 2005

> and for a personal thing of mine, would you please leave terms like "decision
> makers" out of here, i just have the certain feeling that youre referring to
> the manager type of person, who does not ever go to a serverroom or really
> look at anything important anyways.
> of course thats my subjective perspective, you might enlighten me on that one
> if you got some examples of "decision makers" who actually got an idea about
> how the world is really turning around.

"Okay Rob, you can have one FreeBSD box, on your desktop..."

Now it's 12... 12 in production and spreading. The people who make the
decisions DON'T have a clue, they never experience the trenches as it
were, and doubtful that they ever will.

The problem is that Tech is a bowl of jello. Look at the color. Look at
the jiggle... These guys who sign the bottom line and tell us, the
workers, what to do have the say on what we get to use or not to use.
(Unless you work in some far of neverland. If so, are they hiring?)

And where do they get their info?

> was that really the question or are that facts, i mean, does FreeBSD really
> want to compete with companies, or do their own thing.

Do there own thing? It would be interesting how you might quantify that?
And I am not even encouraging "competing" with the other companies, but at
least give a chance to those who have to.

> what was it from what ive read... freebsd core dev team is around ~200
> peoples working on the code?
> how about giving them a chance to speak up their thoughts for a change?


This would be the core team I refer to.

> do we? for a single person trying to speak plural... you got quite an ego
> there...

we -- If you will recall was in quotes. [ exasperated sigh ]


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