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Oliver Leitner Shadow333 at gmx.at
Thu Feb 10 19:01:59 PST 2005

On Friday 11 February 2005 03:49, Technical Director wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Feb 2005, Mike Hauber wrote:
> > weeks to figure out how to use correct grammar in an announcement
> > or a responce (and even if the grammar is left _so_ wanting, take
> > a look at the archives for this list.  It can't be all _that_
> > bad, can it?)

not everyone here has english for mother language, so, before going for 
grammar, id rather keep in mind what this discussion was started with.

> You raise issue with the grammar of tech heads who probably failed english
> as I did, yet you'll not at least accept that the logo on a professional
> scale leaves little to offer to someone trying to get a board room full of
> decision makers to move on it?

just had to drop in.

you guys make a holy war out of a logo contest, then youre better than me.

and for a personal thing of mine, would you please leave terms like "decision 
makers" out of here, i just have the certain feeling that youre referring to 
the manager type of person, who does not ever go to a serverroom or really 
look at anything important anyways.

of course thats my subjective perspective, you might enlighten me on that one 
if you got some examples of "decision makers" who actually got an idea about 
how the world is really turning around.

> Everyone is forgetting the obvious here.
> FreeBSD is *either* the fri*ee*ndly little OS, denoted by that 'cute'
> daemon, or it is a competitive alternative to the bird cage boxes that
> Microsoft, Sun, Compaq and the rest of the big group puts their product in.

was that really the question or are that facts, i mean, does FreeBSD really 
want to compete with companies, or do their own thing.

what was it from what ive read... freebsd core dev team is around ~200 
peoples working on the code?

how about giving them a chance to speak up their thoughts for a change?

> We want FreeBSD Java, FreeBSD hardware drivers and all the new hardware to
> go with "our" system. Yet if these companies see "our" sites, cds or books
> what do they get first?

do we? for a single person trying to speak plural... you got quite an ego 

> Cute I guess.
> You would think that the core group had removed the entire source tree on
> this and replaced it with KERNEL32.EXE and an assortment of *.dlls for
> some reason here.

are we going on the psychoanalysis now?

> I think it is an interesting competition with little expense surely to
> give good amounts of items to ponder. Maybe some graphix guru out there
> will be able to cross the worlds from the evangelist daemon'ists to the
> reformists?

everyone has his refrain, so you finally made your point, thats good.

> 2 cents.
> Rob.
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