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Chris Sechiatano chris at
Thu Feb 10 15:15:14 PST 2005


I'm sure everybody loves these kind of questions, but I really appreciate
the help.

I have a filesystem which is being used by MS workstations.  People are
storing mp3's, jpgs and other 'non work related files' on here and the
management asked me to find all the files and how much space they are

I created a locate database of the filesystem so I can search that, but the
problem is it doesn't show the file sizes.  I tried to pipe the output to
xargs, but that didn't work either.  The file names and paths are pretty
long and there's lots of file with single quotes and spaces that xargs does
not like I guess.


/home/users/CRANESP1/Backup from 7-19-04/My Document's Backup 10-01-02/e-mails to save/eyetest_1.wmv 

Does anybody have anything that would work in this case?  I need to do this
for about 40k files.


Chris Sechiatano
chris at

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