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Garance A Drosehn gad at
Thu Feb 10 14:17:14 PST 2005

At 3:36 PM -0600 2/10/05, Tom Mecke wrote:
>Many people may think twice about donating money to the project
>if you are worrying about trivial complaints about a cute little
>"daemon" logo instead of directing energy all to the project!

Oooo.  I work on FreeBSD for free.  I get zero money from it.  All
I am saying is I would like to see what other logos someone might
come up with -- if we gave them a chance.

Oh, and how much $$$ have you donated to FreeBSD?  Me?  Not only
have I worked for free, but I have donated more than $1,000 of
my own money to FreeBSD over the years.  And actually, if you
count work that I paid someone else to do for FreeBSD (but which
never quite worked out), I have spent over $10,000 in just the
past two years for FreeBSD.  So, imagine how little I care about
whatever threat you fantasize you are making.  I am paid to work
on Linux (and MacOS 10, to some extent).  I would be just as happy
and much much better off financially if I left FreeBSD alone, and
concentrated on my full-time job.

I am paid to work on Linux.  I am not paid to work on FreeBSD.
That summarizes just how well the Beastie icon, by itself, draws
vast sums of money to the FreeBSD project.

If you are really so utterly deranged that you REFUSE to donate
has a cute-daemon for it's one-and-only logo, then please go away.
It is just as stupid and close-minded to DEMAND that we never
consider any other logos.  If you're that attached to a cartoon
icon of our Mascot, then mail your money to someone who draws cute
daemon figures, and don't waste your time claiming that you care
about the actual operating system.

Also note that the Beastie isn't actually going away.  He's still
going to be considered the official mascot of the project.  My guess
is that whatever the logo is, there won't be any cute dolls made of
it, so Beastie will always have a place in the project.  It would
just be nice to have some other official logo, one which could be
more easily used in some settings.

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