Secure file transfers

Gregor Mosheh stigmata_blackangel at
Thu Feb 10 12:38:06 PST 2005

I had a similar, perhaps related question. I'm making
backups via tar to a SMB server, but I would rather
use sftp/scp for it (the NAS supports both SMB and

I don't have enough disk space to make the backup to a
tarchive and then scp that tarchive. Is there a way to
make scp/sftp read from a pipe or stdin, rather than
specific filenames? The docs haven't mentioned it, but
since the subject came up I thought it worth asking...

--- Anthony Atkielski <atkielski.anthony at>

> Danie Du Toit writes:
> > Which packages are available to upload /download
> large dumpfiles in a
> > secure fashion (e.g. using SSL). The customer
> should not need any
> > secure client installed on his PC.
> Anything that is secure will require appropriate
> software at both ends
> of the transfer, and thus will require some sort of
> security-aware
> client on the customer's PC.
> SFTP provides secure file transfers.  I use SecureFX
> on my client
> machine, and the standard SFTP server on the FreeBSD
> server.
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