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Thu Feb 10 12:11:26 PST 2005

it was said:

>    As a non-Christian, all I have to say to David is "right on."

Sounds like you're another person who, for reasons that you know better
than I, you seem to have taken my remarks as a personal attack.

>I also like Beastie, and would be greatly annoyed if FreeBSD got
>rid of it.  Political correctness sucks -- whatever side of the
>political spectrum it comes from.

Agreed to a point, the point being WHY beastie is replaced or, in
newspeak, "supplemented". If beastie were being "supplemented" as a
routine matter of business as logos sometimes are, I wouldn't be
annoyed, only disappointed. However, as you point out, beastie is being
replaced in a capitulation to what you mischaracterize as "political
correctness". This is a case of theological correctness; politics
doesn't enter into the discussion. 
What I said is that those who complained about beastie belong to a
brand of religious ideology belonging to an irrational minority and as
such they and their complaints should be ignored. 

>     However, so-called "free thinkers" who bravely equate George Bush
>to Iranian mullahs and believe people who have a problem with ripping
>the heads off of nine-month fetuses are no different than the freaking
>Taliban are the same idiots who buy into Michael Moore's conspiracy
>theories, idolize the mass murderer Che Guevara, and think the CIA
>"assassinated" reggae singers because America was about to chill out
>too much.

I don't believe I mentioned anything about Bush, Iran, fetuses, Michael
Moore, Che Guevara, or the CIA. Please keep to the discussion at hand
if you're not irrational.

>    And, oh yes, I am also a Maryland Republican living in painfully
>liberal Montgomery County, where our great progressive government
>leaders, unlike the Talibanesque John Ashcroft, have banned smoking in
>bars, not to mention a flurry of others pieces of legislation that
>regulate people's private lives.

Sounds like you are unhappy with your local government. I would
register and vote them out of office if I were you. That's how a
representative democracy works.

>     And let's not forget, Stheg, that leftist European governments
are >not known for their great libertarian restraint.  The
anti-terrorism >laws of many European nationsthink France, maybe
Holland soon enough) >make the Patriot Act look like something out of

Now I'm really puzzled. Are you saying that you are moving to Europe to
get away from "painfully liberal Montgomery County"? I don't think
you'll like it there after the novelty wears off. Compared to most of
America, it's cold and expensive.
Perhaps you, like Mr. Johnson, are assuming from my name that I am not
American and are making a "Europeans are worse than Americans"
argument. Once again, your words do more to prove than disprove my
"xenophobia" remark.

>    Know thyselves, hypocrites.  Fundies aren't the only ones that
need >to mind their own business. 

Based on this statement, I infer you are calling people against
religious oppression hypocrites, an interesting but contextually
irrelevant remark. Unless you mean to imply that I personally am a
hypocrite. If that is the case, adduce the statements I have made to
make your case.

You go on to say "Fundies" -and others- need to mind their own
business. The problem here is the "Fundies" (your word, not mine)
aren't minding their own business; they're minding ours!  
Also at issue is the way the decision to "supplement" beastie was made.
Apparently, "the FreeBSD Project" thinks sneaking around and handing
out a _fait accompli_ is the proper way to be "professional" in this
community. As a member of this community, I AM minding my own business
by taking "them" to task for a rather base betrayal of trust.

>   Did I mention I like Beastie?)

Good for you. Then you, too, should be against "supplementing" beastie
for the same reason I am.

>    Rob.

Best regards,


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