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Eric Kjeldergaard kjelderg at
Thu Feb 10 06:11:06 PST 2005

> Hi there!
> I would to know if i can install the last relase of freeBSD on my computer.
> It's an acer travelmate 201t(It's old i know), celeron 600, 320Mb RAM, HD 4.7Gb.
> Can I have problems with KDE (I' ve already had with Mandrake 10...)?!?
> There is a way to fix these problems (I see the screen only during the
> install phase (with graphics), then at the reboot the screen becomes
> black)...
> I hope there will be no problems with freeBSD.
> Thank You Leandro

This would probably be better sent to -mobile, but as long as it's here...

You can almost assuredly run freeBSD with KDE on that system.  I did
with my 366mhz thinkpad and it was fine.  If you had the availability
of more RAM, it would be helpful, but 320 would cut it.  I'm not sure
what your video issues were with Mandrake and you didn't send your
video card spex/brand/etc.  It seems from a quick google search that
people got FreeBSD running on a computer of that model since they are
asking how to get the winModem running.  I recommend trying it and
seeing if it works.

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