Please don't change Beastie to another crap logo such asNetBSD!!!

Eric Kjeldergaard kjelderg at
Thu Feb 10 06:03:31 PST 2005

Anthony Atkielski writes:
> Ted Mittelstaedt writes:
> > And, I am also concerned about the historical revisionists who
> > are claiming FreeBSD never had a logo.  That is hogwash.
> Where can I see the logo?
> > Nobody ever said that FreeBSD lacked a logo until after a few days ago
> > when this ill-conceived competition was leaked - because everyone knew
> > the logo was Beastie.
> That's not a logo.  Just about every image I've seen of Beastie has been
> different, so it's not a logo, it's a character associated with the
> brand (like Mickey Mouse).  Logos are simple and instantly recognizable;
> they do not mutate from one presentation to the next.  Most open-source
> projects don't have logos; even Linux lacks a proper logo (one could
> probably be made from the popular penguin character, but I haven't seen
> any examples).

Okay, I figured I just as well join in...seems like a good idea.  I'm
choosing this email to respond to: randomly selected from a relatively
large number of messages expressing this same idea.

The logo can be seen on the website  it is in fact a
relatively (from a printing perspective) high-resolution image of our
daemon, holding a pitchfork on his left side.  He is slightly facing
forward, though looks off somewhat to the right.  I know, "He's a
mascot, not a daemon"...but that's not entirely true (not true at
all?). says that a logo is a

  A name, symbol, or trademark designed for easy and definite
recognition, especially one borne on a single printing plate or piece
of type.

or a 

  n : a company emblem or device

These are definitely vague enough to not disqualify an image of our
daemon on technical merit.  Further, FreeBSD proper calls the daemon
image our logo (see logo_saver.ko).  Before I read another of these
stating that beastie is not a logo, I thought I should voice the fact
(not my opinion, mind you) that we do indeed have a logo, albeit one
that could use some modification to ease reproduction.  (The latter
part being opinion)

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