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Thu Feb 10 08:09:35 GMT 2005

On Wed, Feb 09, 2005 at 01:41:29PM -0800, Johnson David wrote:
> From: stheg olloydson [mailto:stheg_olloydson at]
> > 
> > Now as to the "need" to change the logo, to quote the announcement,
> > "This character sometimes treated with misinterpreted in the
> > religious and cultural context." Over the years, the only complaints I
> > have ever heard have come from America's Taliban. Leaving aside the
> > question of whether or not the complainers are in a position to make
> > any sort of IT decision, one must ask what is their motivation for
> > complaining. They are simply trying to force their religious orthodoxy
> > on others. These are the same people trying to eliminate the barrier
> > between state and church to make the United States into a theocratic
> > country. Therefore, these complaints can be categorized as coming from
> > an irrational minority that should be ignored.
> Please keep your personal politics and cultural bigotry off of these lists.
> There is no "America's Taliban", and the use of the term is used solely to
> incite emotions. Thinking that just because people share you views on
> operating systems they must also share you views on religion and foreign
> policy is sheer hubris.
> I realize that geeks and hackers tend to be irreligious, and Open Source a
> collection of global communities, but not until today have I seen such
> anti-Christian and anti-America bigotry in the FreeBSD community. Is this to
> be the new standard of discourse? If so, tell me now so I can avoid the rush
> in switching to another BSD.
> As a Christian I am not in the least offended by Beastie. But I am getting
> quite offended by people stereotyping my religion, nation and culture.
> David Johnson

     As a non-Christian, all I have to say to David is "right on."
I also like Beastie, and would be greatly annoyed if FreeBSD got
rid of it.  Political correctness sucks -- whatever side of the political
spectrum it comes from.
     However, so-called "free thinkers" who bravely equate George Bush to
Iranian mullahs and believe people who have a problem with ripping the
heads off of nine-month fetuses are no different than the freaking Taliban are
the same idiots who buy into Michael Moore's conspiracy theories, idolize
the mass murderer Che Guevara, and think the CIA "assassinated" reggae
singers because America was about to chill out too much.
    And, oh yes, I am also a Maryland Republican living in painfully liberal
Montgomery County, where our great progressive government leaders, unlike 
the Talibanesque John Ashcroft, have banned smoking in bars, not to mention
a flurry of others pieces of legislation that regulate people's private lives.
     And let's not forget, Stheg, that leftist European governments are not 
known for their great libertarian restraint.  The anti-terrorism laws of
many European nationsthink France, maybe Holland soon enough) make the
Patriot Act look like something out of Mayberry.

    Know thyselves, hypocrites.  Fundies aren't the only ones that need to
mind their own business. 

   Did I mention I like Beastie?)


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