Please don't change Beastie to another crap logo such as NetBSD!!!

Andrew L. Gould algould at
Wed Feb 9 20:22:34 PST 2005

On Wednesday 09 February 2005 07:09 pm, - wrote:
> Julien Gabel wrote:
> >>>See the thread "The FreeBSD Project is announcing a public
> >>> competition for the new logo design. ????" in -advocacy - I've
> >>> already replied with my views on the subject, along the same
> >>> lines as your comments.
> >>
> >>I'm not subscribed to -advocacy can you provide me with an archive
> >>link to this thread in question? I wasn't able to find it based on
> >> the subject you provided.
> >
> >You can follow this post at:
> >

I have been watching the fallout regarding this issue on both the 
advocacy and questions email lists.  It is clear from the advocacy 
list, that the announcement was made prematurely and did not convey the 
intended message either clearly or completely.  It is clear from 
reading both lists that much of the anger is based upon false 
assumptions, misinformation and incomplete editing of the leaked 

I (just a user) ask that the petition effort be delayed until the 
official announcement is made and the issues can be drawn out and 
discussed more clearly.

Humbly and respectfully,

Andrew Gould

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