maybe slightly OT - web content management kits

Thomas Doxtater thomas at
Wed Feb 9 15:04:40 PST 2005

On 02/09/05 04:07 PM, Chris Shenton sat at the `puter and typed:
> Louis LeBlanc <FreeBSD at> writes:
> >> I'm trying to find a good website management system.  Content
> >> management.  I'm running Apache 2.0 with (among others) mod_perl2,
> >> 5.8.6) and Jakarta Tomcat 5.0.
> I'm not generally keen on large Perl and PHP suites, even though I've
> written some myself.  Probably just my own phobias.  There's another
> well-featured CMS I've read about -- but haven't played with -- called
> Bricolage.  It's in Perl IIRC.

As a one-time php developer I'm fond of phpWebSite by Appalachian State
University. Lots of features, works great on apache 1.3x or 2 and has an API
for module creation.
I've spent hours looking at CMS's testing them and as far as I know this is
one of the easiest to implement and control, with the features I was looking
for (calendar, wysiwyg editor, fine grained user control, extensibility,

My other reccomendation would be Typo3 CMS, but its a behemoth of a program
(script). It DOES everything, but its fairly intense to set up and get
going. Its also a php script, and it does have some excellent tutorials and
a fairly active user support base.

Just my 2 cents,


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