what a fucking serious problem: really, it *doesn't* boot

Erik Norgaard norgaard at locolomo.org
Wed Feb 9 13:49:37 PST 2005

Fafa Diliha Romanova wrote:
> really, what's wrong?
> i've installed freebsd 5.3 on my entire harddrive.
> but with the standard or freebsd's mbr, it doesn't make any difference:
> i don't know what to do. i can't see what's wrong, since it won't tell
> me anything. as i said, all it does is to reboot. in an infinite loop.

There is a boot-only cd that you can use for rescue purposes, (I'm not 
sure if the install cd will work also. The install cd will give you 
sysinstall so you can repeat any steps that might have failed.)

You should be able to get a shell and use the most basic commands, a 
good one is dmesg - yeah, I know it's a bit difficult to grap the output 
and paste it in your next post :-(.

Things to try: can you mount your partitions? can you find /sbin/init or 
/stand/sysinstall? Things to post: output of dmesg, your drive 
partitions, other stuff that you think is usefull.

Cheers, Erik
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