httpd in /tmp - Sound advice sought

Oliver Leitner Shadow333 at
Wed Feb 9 06:53:54 PST 2005

i know a certain hacking group who is trying to run their trojan as httpd, i 
discovered that info through some shell account i am running, that has tried 
to start this rootkit on our machine.

heres a short view from the shell's history:

cd ..
cd ..
cd tmp
tar zxvf taek.tar.gz
cd taek
chmod 755 httpd
cd ..
rm -rf taek
rm taek.tar.gz 

this clearly shows, that we have to do with a very dumb person, hence he

1. didnt cleaned his historyfile
2. left the tar.gz file in his homedir
3. loaded the rootkit from the same server he is running the group's webpage 
4. has a link to their chan on that page, and in the chan as ive monitored 
for 48hrs, ive found them posting their "successes" directly and unencrypted.

I have informed a number of providers and hosters, that had their webpage 
posted into that chan, and informed them about the breakins, so far i got no 
message back from them.

of course, its a longshot, but they didnt seem to check first if the folder 
tmp has the executable bit set at all, and they named their client like the 
file youve found.

i hope this helps you further.

Oliver Leitner
Technical Staff

On Tuesday 08 February 2005 14:35, Bret Walker wrote:
> Last night, I ran chkrootkit and it gave me a warning about being infected
> with Slapper.  Slapper exploits vulnerabilities in OpenSSL up to version
> 0.96d or older on Linux systems.  I have only run 0.97d.  The file that
> set chkrootkit off
> was httpd which was located in /tmp.  /tmp is always mounted rw, noexec.
> I update my packages (which are installed via ports) any time there is a
> security update.  I'm running Apache 1.3.33/PHP 4.3.10/mod_ssl
> 2.8.22/OpenSSL 0.97d on 4.10.  Register_globals was on in PHP for a couple
> of
> weeks, but the only code that required it to be on was in a .htaccess/SSL
> password protected directory.
> Tripwire didn't show anything that I noted as odd.  I reexamined the
> tripwire logs,
> which are e-mailed to an account off of the machine immediately after
> completion, and I don't
> see anything odd for the 3/4 days before or after the date on the file.
> (I don't scan /tmp)
> I stupidly deleted the httpd file from /tmp, which was smaller than the
> actual apache httpd.  And I don't back up /tmp.
> The only info I can find regarding this file being in /tmp pertains to
> Slapper.  Could something have copied a file there?  Could I have done it
> by mistake at some point - the server's been up ~60 days, plenty of time
> for me to forget something?
> This is production box that I very much want to keep up, so I'm seeking
> some sound advice.
> Does this box need to be rebuilt?  How could a file get written to /tmp,
> and is it an issue since it couldn't be executed?  I run tripwire nightly,
> and haven't seen anything odd to the best of my recollection.  I also
> check ipfstat -t frequently to see if any odd connections are happening.
> I appreciate any sound advice on this matter.
> Thanks,
> Bret

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