security updates

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Wed Feb 9 06:04:05 PST 2005

Jeff Maxwell wrote:

> I got this message today from cron, apparently my security update failed.
> Any Idea how to resolve this. I am also get a similar message on a 5.3 
> box.
> Fetching updates signature...
> fetch: Not 
> FoundError fetching updates
> Jeff Maxwell

Looks like Colin is having some troubles with his servers or hosting 


 Due to hardware failures, is currently unavailable. 
Portsnap users: Assuming the dns
   magic works, portsnap should start operating correctly soon. FreeBSD 
Update users: I need to upload
   a bunch of files to the location where I'm temporarily hosting the domain --
   this should be done on Wednesday or Thursday. Everybody else looking 
for content here: I'm currently
   looking for a new permanent home for this site... recommendations for 
*low cost* dedicated servers
   (or even better, a donated server) are welcome. Contact me at my address -- email is currently broken.

Kevin Kinsey

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