ktrace as a replacement for strace

Loren M. Lang lorenl at alzatex.com
Tue Feb 8 04:00:09 PST 2005

I'm looking for a replacement for the strace program I used to use on
linux; freebsd has a port of strace, but it just hangs everytime I use
it.  It looks like the bsd version of strace would be ktrace/kdump.  I
was able to get these to print a trace of the program I ran, but it
doesn't do all the nice substatuting that strace was able to do.
Mainly, I just want the first argument of open to look like a string
instead of a 32 bit pointer that I can't read.  I'm trying to figure out
what files this program is trying to read so I can edit it's
configuration file.

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