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On Wed, Jan 19, 2005 at 09:10:09PM +0100, Anthony Atkielski wrote:
> faisal gillani writes:
> fg> hmmm exactly right .. u know i have a 750MHz At halon
> fg> with 256MB ram .. & still my processor is 80% idle
> fg> most of the time ..
> fg> i also have some windows server on my network but
> fg> thats a compulsory rather then choice .
> I'm gradually migrating legacy aps off my older NT server and I think it
> might be extremely interesting to install FreeBSD on that machine once
> it is free--if only I could persuade it to boot from diskette (for some
> reason, the diskette drive no longer seems to be recognized by the OS).
> It's an old HP Vectra, but like all vintage HP high-end machines, it
> still works perfectly, after nearly a decade of continuous use.
> Can anyone tell me how to install FreeBSD on a machine that is running
> Windows NT and refuses to boot from CD or from diskette?  I don't
> suppose there's any magic program I could run from NT that would start a
> FreeBSD installation, is there?

I've used loadlin before to boot up a linux installer when I had neither
a floppy driver nor a cdrom drive to boot from, it works quite well.
For freebsd, I'm not sure if there is a similar program or not, but one
possibility would be to use loadlin to start a basic linux environment,
then use linux to install the freebsd bootloader to the hard drive and
start the freebsd installer.

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