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Mon Feb 7 15:47:06 PST 2005

Marshall Kiam-Laine wrote:

>  ***hi all, rookie fiddler calling :)
>  just loaded fbsd5.3amd64 but it stopped at the login prompt.
>  (1) $>startkde didnt work, is that the right command please ?

type this:

echo exec startkde > .xinitrc

>  (2) what command to start gnome ?

type this:

echo exec gnome-session >> .xinitrc

>  (3) how to tell it to start one of the GUI automatically ?

The contense of .xinitrc should now look like this:

exec startkde
exec gnome-session

Comment out one of the line with # in front of it. So, if you want to
start KDE:

exec startkde
#exec gnome-session

Then, when you type:    startx   
KDE starts. Do the opposite if you want gnome

>  many thanks, kamanism at
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