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mario mario at
Mon Feb 7 13:59:58 PST 2005

So, Shawn B wrote:
> I am fairly new at *nix and FreeBSD. I am attempting
> to run a privately owned, publically accessible web
> server from a PC running FreeBSD 4.8. I configured
> ppp.conf and rc.conf for the *old* ISP settings (the
> ones that worked a year ago), and now they do now
> work. I cannot connect the machine to the ISP.
> Although PPP does enable, I cannot resolve any
> domains. The ISP is Bell-Sympatico (Canada), and they
you mean you can connect? can you ping their gateway ip.
domain resolution is done via dns. You need to add the dns server address
they provide to your /etc/resolv.conf file by hand, or run your own
i guess PPPoE only provides a gateway address which is handled by
 add default HISADDR

> are completely unwilling to help me, or provide
> software that will accommodate *nix systems
sounds like SBC

> specifically. They do, however, have PPPoE software
> for Linux. Since I am new to FreeBSD, I do not want to

ppp does pppoe out of the box. Here's mine
# this was my old pacbell sbc account dynamic ip nunber
# my nic card is ed0
 set log Phase tun command
 set ifaddr
 set timeout 0
# my nic card is ed0
 set device PPPoE:ed0
 set authname myaccount at
 set authkey mypass
 set dial
 set login
 add default HISADDR

# nowadays i have static numbers hence this works
        set log Phase Chat LCP IPCP CCP tun command
        set device /dev/cuaa1
        set speed 115200
                 \"\" AT OK-AT-OK ATE1Q0 OK \\dATDT\\T TIMEOUT 40 CONNECT"
        set timeout 180
        set phone "240 9004"
        set authname myaccount
        set authkey mypasswd
        set login "TIMEOUT 10 \"\" \"\" gin:--gin: \\U word: \\P"
        add default HISADDR

> I have tried every possible option I could conjure-up
> with no avail. I have even exhaustively searched the
> FreeBSD Handbook and Man pages on-line, and other
> resources (such as Google) were no help.

you mean here?
21.5.3 Running ppp
As root, you can run:
# ppp -ddial name_of_service_provider

That would translate into
ppp -ddial pacbell
ppp -ddial speakeasy

> I thank you for any help yous' may provide to me. I am
> running short on time and patience in getting this
> system on-line. If this should have been send
> elsewhere, please let me know.
cross posting is generally frowned upon


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