Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at wanadoo.fr
Mon Feb 7 11:17:12 PST 2005

Eric Kjeldergaard writes:

EK> Perhaps they take a greater risk, or perhaps things are simpler than
EK> that. Perhaps, upon submitting something according to the simple
EK> instructions with intent for it to be published, it gets published
EK> as the general populous would expect...Often things are not
EK> complicated.

You forget the most likely option of all:  For years, cyberspace was
dominated by geeks, and ignored by lawyers and the general public.  Now,
with the general public and the lawyers watching cyberspace very closely
indeed, it will no longer be possible for the geeks to get away with
doing whatever they want, for better or for worse.

Greater regulation and legal hassles are the trend for the future.
Pretending it isn't happening will only leave one all the more
vulnerable to it as it arrives.


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