Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at wanadoo.fr
Mon Feb 7 08:53:20 PST 2005

David Gerard writes:

DG> I go to a site called google.com and I enter error messages
DG> verbatim, and often what comes back is a pile of mailing list posts.
DG> They are far superior to nothing.

No doubt, but they are far inferior to a formal, well-organized support

The lack of support and accountability is FreeBSD's greatest handicap
for corporate and mission-critical use.  Certainly, the OS is solid and
reliable; but if and when it fails, there's nowhere to turn.

This same problem afflicts just about all open-source software, and will
prove to be a limiting factor in the adoption of open source for the
forseeable future.

DG> Of course. However, I am pointing out that the searchable archive on
DG> the web is a fantastically useful thing and worth trying to
DG> preserve, not a minor detail not worth considering in the search for
DG> a resolution.

You can preserve it if you place it in the proper framework.  But you
must also recognize that you may not be able to organize it exactly as
you wish without infringing the rights of others.


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