Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at wanadoo.fr
Mon Feb 7 08:16:24 PST 2005

David Gerard writes:

DG> That would sorta suck. I know I write my questions and answers with
DG> a view to them being searchable on the web maybe months or years
DG> later, as I know how very grateful I am to those whose archived
DG> words have helped me before.

Having to search an archive of e-mail messages as a substitute for real
support sucks to begin with.  I've almost never found anything useful
when searching the archives, and even when I have, it takes longer to
find it in the archives than it does to just ask the question again.

DG> So it helps the copyright situation, but breaks the usefulness of
DG> any archive.

The copyright situation is an unavoidable legal mandate, not an option.
You cannot defend against an infringement action by saying that
respecting copyright would have been inconvenient for you.


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