Cleaning Out Ports?

Matt LaPlante laplante at
Mon Feb 7 08:05:20 PST 2005

That's correct; this type of functionality is exactly what I was searching

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> There's still one missing part to it that gentoo's portage has.  In
> addition to the standard database of installed packages, emerge keeps
> track
> of every single package that you explicitly installed in a file called
> world.  Upgrades read this file and update all the packages listed,
> including there dependencies first.  Now if a package that was installed
> to satisfy a dependency, but not explicitly installed is now longer
> needed, it will stay on the system until the next time emerge --depclean
> is run.  --depclean tells emerge to remove any packages that are not in
> the world file and are not needed to satify dependencies for packages in
> the world file, either directly or indirectly.  I think this is the
> behavior that the original poster was asking for.  AFAIK, this is not
> yet possible in FreeBSD, but it should be a trivial matter to add
> something like a world file to portupgrade.  Maybe, if I have time this
> week I could work on a patch...

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