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> How do you suggest this list and all others like it deal with 
> this matter, in 
> practical terms? Don't suggest hiring lawyers, as that's 
> hardly practical. 

Clearly I think Anthony is saying in his posts to me that the
list managers should e-mail legal boilerplate to every subscriber
that they would then agree to, which would basically state that
the poster waives their copyrights if they post.

The problem I see is that doing this creates a
contract, which is one of the issues we are disagreeing on.
It also changes the signups on the list to that of an
access-controlled forum which means that
the owners of the forum are exercising editorial control,
meaning they are republishing posts to the list, which means
they have to obtain rights to do this from each poster when
that poster posts.

He is saying that since the act of signing up for the list creates a 
contract between the list owners and the poster, the list owner
should issue a contract to the signupee that outlines their
(lack of) rights if they post.

I disagree that the act of signing up for the list creates a
contract, since the list is publically available without signup,
and espically since the list can be posted to by the general
public without signup.


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