Electricity bill [was: Re: Leaving a Computer Running ?]

markzero mark at darklogik.org
Mon Feb 7 00:35:29 PST 2005

> * Erik Trulsson [2005-02-05 23:55 +0100]
> >  Also keep in mind that if you leave the computer running all the time
> >  it will show up on your electricity bill, so if you wish to save power
> >  you should shut down your computer over night.
> Given that your house needs to be warmed up (a presumption I think is 
> correct for Sweden as you appears to be sending from; it sure does for 
> Norway, I don't know about the OP), it does not matter where that heat 
> comes from. If your other heating is termostatically controlled, then 
> running your computer all night long uses no less electricity than leaving 
> your heating on. Eventually, all those kWhs ends up as heat. You might 
> just as well use it for something usefull in the way from electric to 
> thermic energy, and not just send your electrons through an electric 
> resistance for nothing (except heat-generation)!

Actually, I've found that five machines, each with two disks, onboard
graphics and sound, an average 700mhz P3 with a 250w power supply
haven't really made a dent on my electricity bill. In the summer of
last year, however, I bought an air conditioner and this added £40
(roughly $75) to my bill. I see I'm not the only one that thought of
using the servers AS the heating! 


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