Which fonts look the best?

Parv parv at pair.com
Sun Feb 6 23:24:05 PST 2005

in message <420411A3.1020405 at comcast.net>,
wrote Sean thusly...
> I was just wondering which fonts are the one to install to get the most 
> bang?

Depends if you want to bang your head against the screen or the
chair rest.

Personally i like Georgia or Bitstream vera serif (variable width,
serif font) and Screen  (fixed width) in larger than "normal" sizes
depending upon the screen resolution.

I have yet to find a good looking san serif screen font; Andale mono
like font does look good (~10-12pt) on paper though.

Mind that i have not looked at/for commercial fonts seriously.

And, i like coffee ice cream in addition to vanilla and (dark)

  - Parv


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