Sendmail host lookup problem

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Sun Feb 6 14:42:12 PST 2005

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> Subject: Sendmail host lookup problem
> I have a LAN in the 192.168.0 range. I am trying to send mail from
> ( to
> (
> This leeds to 550 errors. "Host unknown (Name server: 
> host not found)"
> is also acting as my DNS Server. Both machines 
> have correct (or so I hope) entries in the nameserver.

Either you don't have correct entries in the nameserver, or your
/etc/resolv.conf on gc-infra is not using as it's

What is the output of nslookup on gc-infra when you key in
the name?  What is it when you issue
a "set type=mx" at the nslookup prompt followed by the name?  What is it when you key in the
IP number


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