ipfw / ppp NAT

Chris Knipe savage at savage.za.org
Sun Feb 6 04:41:59 PST 2005

Ok wait,

let me explain a bit more, because it seems the source-address is not my 

y.y -> x.x -> x.1

y.y is a IP from the Internet
x.x is the FreeBSD gateway, and
x.1 is a client on a internal network

I run NAT (via ipfw / ppp) on x.x.  The packet comes in from y.y, via x.x, 
to x.1, HOWEVER, the source-address of the packet ariving at x.1 is still 
y.y.  I want the source address of the packet ariving at x.1 to be x.x, and 
not y.y


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> Hi,
> Is there any way that I can get / configure ipfw / Kernel PPP to rewrite 
> the source address via NAT?
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> Chris.
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