increasing swap activity

Michael Hines mhines at
Sun Feb 6 01:39:47 PST 2005

I've written a remote-memory system for a thesis of mine. As a result, I'm able to setup a diskless client that swaps to remote 
memory instead of a remote disk. The specifics, reasons, and design of the 
system are a long story....

However - this system allows for much faster page-fault latencies (on the 
order of 10-20 times faster than using a disk for swap space). The 
problem is: I cannot get the swapper to page-out or page-in data any 

My end question is: how would one DRASTICALLY increase the rate at which 
the system does its paging in freebsd?

Everthing I find on the net says "don't mess with freebsd's VM system or 
you'll die and go to hell."

However, I do in fact need to drastically increase the paging bandwidth.

Anybody know how? Preferably during runtime?

Thanks a lot.

Michael R. Hines
Grad Student, Florida State
Dept. Computer Science
Jusqu'a ce que le futur vienne...

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