Loading module for sound chip SiS 7102

Nikolas Britton freebsd at nbritton.org
Sat Feb 5 16:54:37 PST 2005

Fabrice wrote:

>On Saturday 05 February 2005 00:56, you wrote:
>>Nikolas Britton wrote:
>>>Nikolas Britton wrote:
>>>>Fabrice wrote:
>>>>>Hi !
>>>>>Debian user just have installed FreeBSD 5.3.
>>>>>Seems great !
>>>>>But I my sound chip do not properly work.
>>>>>I tried to :
>>>>>kldload snd_...
>>>>>pilots one by one until I found snd_ich pilot that made some sound
>>>>>when KDE 3.3 launch
>>>>>(and suppress the error about /dev/dsp )
>>>>>But the sound works 2 seconds only and becomes then silently stuck !
>>>>>After loading pilot :
>>>>>kldload snd_ich
>>>>>the Sis chip seems to be seen. I get the following msg :
>>>>>pcm0: SiS 7012 port 0xd800-0xd63f, 0xdc00-0xdcff     IRQ 11 at dev
>>>>>2.7 on PCI 0
>>>>>    ICH0: (GIANT_LOCKED)
>>>>>This SiS sound chip properly works on Debian linux on the same machine.
>>>>>But I remember that it was hard to find the right pilot with Linux...
>>>>>Can you give me any advice, please ?
>>>>Yea, find a better translation service... Put these in
>>>>After that reboot and grep dmesg (dmesg |grep -i foo) for anything
>>>>related to sound; snd, pcm, AC97, etc. Then you could check sndstat
>>>>and see what it says (cat /dev/sndstat) but it should say about the
>>>>same as dmesg (your are doing this to find out which drivers to
>>>>load). The next step now would be to test the sound system at the
>>>>console, make and install the ports cplay and splay (both are under
>>>>/usr/ports/audio) then using cplay* play some mp3s.  If you can hear
>>>>music then everything's good to go (if you still can't hear music in
>>>>X then the problem is with X or your music player, etc.) but if you
>>>>still can't hear music then post this question to freebsd questions
>>>>mailing list (You could also try changing the IRQ it uses or set
>>>>PnP_OS=no in the BIOS, it should be set to this anyways for
>>>>FreeBSD!... in general, play with the BIOS settings).
>>>>*cplay's config file, you shouldn't need it but to cover all
>>>>bases..., copy and paste it to your home directory, ".cplayrc":
>>>>PLAYERS = [
>>>>   FrameOffsetPlayer("ogg123 -q -v -k %d %s", "\.ogg$"),
>>>>   FrameOffsetPlayer("splay -f -k %d %s", "(^http://|\.mp[123]$)",
>>>>   FrameOffsetPlayer("mpg123 -q -v -k %d %s",
>>>>"(^http://|\.mp[123]$)", 38.28),
>>>>   FrameOffsetPlayer("mpg321 -q -v -k %d %s",
>>>>"(^http://|\.mp[123]$)", 38.28),
>>>>   TimeOffsetPlayer("madplay -v --no-tty-control
>>>>--display-time=remaining -s %d %s", "\.mp[123]$"),
>>>>   NoOffsetPlayer("mikmod -q -p0 %s",
>>>>   NoOffsetPlayer("xmp -q %s",
>>>>   NoOffsetPlayer("play %s", "\.(aiff|au|cdr|mp3|ogg|wav)$"),
>>>>   NoOffsetPlayer("speexdec %s", "\.spx$")
>>>>   ]
>>>>I wish they'd get email working again (list server was blacklisted),
>>>Sorry I should have given a bit more info at the start of my reply.
>>>Putting those lines in loader.conf will load the sound subsystem
>>>(pcm), I don't think it's needed as I think "snd_driver_load" will
>>>load it but I'm not sure so... and you'll need it afterwords,  all of
>>>the sound drivers, and setup up to 4 virtual audio channels as needed,
>>>automatically. The part about dmesg etc. should be done last, look in
>>>/boot/defaults/loader.conf (starting at line 255) to find the drivers
>>>you want to load, remove snd_driver_load from /boot/loader.conf and
>>>add the drivers that your card is using there. I think your problem is
>>>that you just didn't have any virtual channels setup, KDE would then
>>>hog the sound system and then you wouldn't hear anything else, but
>>>thats just an educated guess, donno I use cplay even when i'm in X.
>>>and only one of the list servers was blacklisted (the main one), your
>>>email was one of the few I got today.
>>>freebsd-newbies at freebsd.org mailing list
>>>To unsubscribe, send any mail to
>>>"freebsd-newbies-unsubscribe at freebsd.org"
>>Also, here is the FreeBSD handbook in french:
>>googles translation service sucks, this is what I get when I converted
>>it to french and then back into english:
>>Moreover, here the handbook of French FreeBSD
>Thank you very much for your prompt detailed and accurate answer !
>Sorry for the poor english language... (It's much easer for me  to unterstand 
>what other people write.)
>Unfortunately, when I touched my up to now virgin "/boot/loader.conf" to put
>lines like these :
>(except hw.snd.maxautovchans=4, I took the lines from 
>/boot/defaults/loader.conf, as is)
I don't understand what you meant by this?

>according to that you suggest and that can be read in the handbook in 
>"installing sound" section,
>the system complains :
>loading /boot/loader.conf
>Warning: syntax error 
>                        ^
>(Showing the error with "^" like some compilers or interpreters do)
That should be snd_ich_load="YES"

>However it is possible to work manually :
>Loading the driver "snd_ich" that detects the SiS chipset :
>kldload snd_ich
>pcm0: <SiS 7012> port 0xd800-0xd83f, 0xdc00-0xdcff irq 11 at device 2.7 on 
>pci 0
>pcm0:<C-Media Electronics CMI9738 AC97 Codec >
>and setup the number of virtual channels to 4 as you suggest but using the
>control :
>sysctl hw.snd.maxautovchans=4
>hw.snd.maxautovchans: 0 -> 4
>After these things here is the "/dev/sndstat"  :
>FreeBSD Audio Driver (newpcm)
>Installed devices:
>pcm0: <SiS 7012> at io 0xdc00, 0xd800 irq 11 bufsz 16384 kld snd_ich 
>(1p/1r/1v channels duplex default)
>"dmesg" gives same infos.
>After this a sound is emitted when KDE launches but after about 1 second, the 
>sound system seems to hang.
>Here are the info that I can collect on my debian Linux system that runs in 
>the same computer, driving the SiS 7102 correctly :
>D800-D8FF SiS7102 PCI Audio Accelerator
>DC00-DCFF SiS7102 PCI Audio Accelerator
>XT-PIC SiS7102 on interrupt 11
>PCI 00:02.7 Multimedia audio controller SiS7102 PCI Audio Accelerator (rev a0)
>Subsystem: C-media Electronics Inc : unknown device 0300
>Flags : bus master, medium devsel. latency 64, IRQ 11
>I/O ports at DC00 [size=256]
>I/O ports at D800 [size=64]
>Capabilities [48] Power Management version 2
>FreeBSD 5.3 and debian Woody say very similar things about the SiS 7102 
>I checked the BIOS setup : PnP_OS=no, all right for this.
>(But I do not know how I could change SiS7102 interrupt)
Thats ok, it's just one of those things that nice to play with when 
hardware isn't working correctly.

>I installed splay and cplay and edited a ".cplayrc" file with a 
>FrameOffsetPlayer "splay")
>But no sound even in pure console mode, outside X.
You edited .cplayrc? what do you mean by this? you should not have to 
edit the .cplayrc file, plus it's not required that you even have one. I 
recommend you just delete the .cplayrc and and try playing music again 
without it.

>Thank you again for your interesting explanations.
I'm going to cc this to the freebsd questions list, maybe they can help 
you more then I could.


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