Postfix can't deliver mail to virtual domains - cannot create file exclusively

Pat Maddox pergesu at
Sat Feb 5 00:48:32 PST 2005

I got it working, and managed to get courier-imap working as well.

The only problem (big problem?) is that I had to chmod 777 /var/mail
to get it all working together.  I'm trying to figure out what
permissions I can give it to ensure that postfix and courier-imap can
work together...but neither one seems to work with regular
permissions.  I think I've got them in the correct groups and
everything, but I'm not sure.

It's not a HUGE deal at this point, because I'm the only user on the
system, and don't intend to let anyone else have shell access.  Still,
I'd like to have things set up correctly.  I would have figured that
the way FreeBSD installed it would have worked...apparently not.

On Sat, 05 Feb 2005 09:24:19 +0100, Volker Kindermann <ml at> wrote:
> Hi Pat,
> > Feb  4 19:57:59 cantona postfix/virtual[579]: CA35333C1D:
> > to=<pergesu at>, relay=virtual, delay=0, status=deferred
> > (mailbox /var/mail/vhosts/ cannot create file
> > exclusively: No such file or directory)
> >
> > Shouldn't PostFix create the vhosts/ directory and pergesu
> > file automatically when it delivers the mail?  Not sure what the
> > problem is here.  I can send mail to local users just fine, so I don't
> > think it's a permissions problem.
> please post your and the files with the virtual entries.
>   -volker

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