FreeBSD Handbook typo?

as2sb3100 at as2sb3100 at
Fri Feb 4 12:02:32 PST 2005

First off I have to say this is my first time ever using any kind of mailing list.  I'm not even really sure if this is where I should post this.

In the FreeBSD Handbook, page 24.5 "The IPFILTER (IPF) Firewall", section Assigning Ports to Use, I believe there is a typo.  It gives an example "map dc0 -> 0.32" and I think it should say "map dc0 -> 0/32" notice the 0/32.  It is repeated several times.  I noticed this when I kept having problems with it.  It gave me an error about the netmask.  Just thought I'd try and let you all know, hope this helps.


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