STABLE kernel update

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Fri Feb 4 09:49:51 PST 2005

Zlatozar Zhelyazkov <zlatozar at> writes:

> I updated my FreeBSD up-to STABLE and build kernel, but "uname -a" shows
> It was suspicious that there is no kernel patch releases so I checked.
> Really there were! My question is - should I apply this patches or
> there are included in my last update (and applied with kernel build) ?

That "#0" has nothing to do with patch level; it just means that it is
the first kernel you built in that directory.

Assuming you correctly followed the upgrade directions, you are all set.

> I have to apply patches by hand, right? Is there binary update for
> STABLE systems?

There is FreeBSD Update, but I don't think you need it; you are
probably fully up-to-date.

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