OT: Funny disclaimers (Was: Re: ssh root@localhost)

Colin J. Raven colin at kenmore.kozy-kabin.nl
Fri Feb 4 06:08:33 PST 2005

On Feb 2 at 22:49, Erik Norgaard said with a chuckle:

> Sorry  to join in on the noise:
Occasionally noise on this otherwise studious list is fun. This is one 
time. *This* subscriber likes the "change of pace" :)

> Both statements are backwards and can't impose any responsibility on my 
> behalf nor disclaim any responsibilty on behalf of the sender.
> just my 5 euro-cents.
Doesn't that buy about $250 Candian right about now?
That's a valuable contribution you just made.

[Apologies to all Canadians who may be reading this cack. The comment 
was directed at your oddly valued (undervalued) currency, not you lot 
per se!]

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