Disk Copy Software

Erik Norgaard norgaard at locolomo.org
Fri Feb 4 01:01:20 PST 2005

Donald L Swoboda wrote:
> Is there a Disk To Disk copy software available that can be used to copy/backup
 > a disk that has FreeBSD operating system installed. I would like to 
copy my
 > existing disk to another disk as a backup.

The dd utility allows you to make an excact mirror, I think you can even 
get a bootable mirror disk. But for plain backup purposed, I think it is 
more efficient to use the rsync utility, this will only transfer 
differences, so the second backup should be much faster.

A third option is to setup a raid. Raid-1 is for disk mirroring (if you 
have 3 disks you can setup a raid-5 and with four raid-0/1). Raid will 
keep your mirror updated live - but don't ask me about more details :-)

Cheers, Erik

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