MySQL query tool and Administrator

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Thu Feb 3 23:16:37 PST 2005

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> Go to /usr/ports/emulators/linux_base/ and install the linux 
> emulator port. 
> Then you can install the query browser.  I've played with it a 
> little.  It 
> works OK but tends to core occasionally.

My God Paul, this is FreeBSD we are talking about, not Windows!!!

Granted he will need the Gnome desktop installed since it calls for
glib-2.0 and libxml-2.0 but the source is at the URL he gave, download
it, unzip it, untar it, cd to ~mysql-query-browser and run configure
then make and make install.

No wonder you found it unstable.  Since when does anyone run a Linux
binary of a program that has source available?!?!?

<shaking head>


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