Multiple jails with same basedir

jonas jonas at
Thu Feb 3 14:49:05 PST 2005

Hi list,

I need to give some customers SSH access to one of my webservers, running 
inside a jail (virtual server setup like described in the man page).
Now those customers might want to extract archive files or do other CPU 
intensive work which might disturb the webserver operation itself.

I was thinking about running the login server in an additional jail with the 
same basedir set. I would be able to apply different ipfw rules as well as 
solving the priority problem by running the whole jail with nice priority.

Q: Could this disturb operation of the webserver jail?

The only possible problems I was able to think of was PID files in /var/run/ 
getting overwritten by the second jail and logging being somehow disturbed.
What happens if I shut down jail #1, but the files in /var/run/ contain the 
PIDs of jail #2's processes? Will it be a problem having two syslogds logging 
to the same files?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.



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