problems running k3b in fluxbox with sudo

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Thu Feb 3 11:45:46 PST 2005

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> Subject: problems running k3b in fluxbox with sudo
> > When I try to run k3b in fluxbox with sudo, I get this error message:
> > 'Unable to find growisofs executable'.  Any clue what would cause this? 
> > I can't burn DVDs until I get it resolved...
> >
From the Notes-section in "man growisofs" :

       If executed under sudo(8) growisofs refuses to start. This is done  for
       the following reason. Naturally growisofs has to access the data set to
       be recorded to DVD media, either indirectly by letting mkisofs generate
       ISO9660  layout on-the-fly or directly if a pre-mastered image is to be
       recorded. Being executed under sudo(8),  growisofs  effectively  grants
       sudoers  read  access  to any file in the file system. The situation is
       intensified by the fact that growisofs parses MKISOFS environment vari-
       able  in  order  to  determine  alternative  path to mkisofs executable
       image. This means that being executed under sudo(8),  growisofs  effec-
       tively  grants  sudoers  right  to execute program of their choice with
       elevated privileges. If you for any reason still find the above accept-
       able  and  are  willing to take the consequences, then consider running
       following wrapper script under sudo(8)  in  place  for  real  growisofs

            unset SUDO_COMMAND
            export MKISOFS=/path/to/trusted/mkisofs
            exec growisofs "$@"

       But  note that the recommended alternative to the above "workaround" is
       actually to install growisofs set-root-uid, in which case it will  drop
       privileges  prior  accessing data or executing mkisofs in order to pre-
       clude unauthorized access to the data.

I have to start k3b with "kdesu k3b", not just "sudo". Then it finds growisofs 
and it all works.

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