Does FreeBSD 5.3 Support the..

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Thu Feb 3 11:44:42 PST 2005

Tim Erlin wrote:

> Glen Stewart wrote:
>> AMD Sempron 3000+ Processer
>> I downloaded the 5.3 ISO and burned the individual files on a MAC.
> I would guess no, but guessing isn't good enough. Checking the 
> supported hardware is a better bet:
> --Tim

"Guessing isn't good enough" is quite right.  I doubt very
sincerely that AMD's Sempron has any drastic architecture
changes that would cause compatibility problems with any
OS coded and tested on other x86 CPUs.

And, AMD confirms it on their website and in their technical
documentation.  For reference, here's one:

Glen's problem still seems to be very related to the proper
burning of the ISO image as far as we can tell by what he's given
so far.  It could also be BIOS settings on this mobo, or other
hardware conflicts.  So far, his descriptions of his trouble have
been limited to 2 very brief emails.  If he wants help, he should
probably give us a complete description of his hardware and symptoms. 
IIRC, there have been some reports of trouble with SATA hard drives,

I'm not trying to flame anyone, but it would be almost
criminal to allow this thread to go into the archives without
"I doubt that FreeBSD supports the Sempron" being answered
in a more authoritative way.

FreeBSD supports the Sempron.  Until PR's are filed that prove
otherwise, it does it so quite well, too.

Kevin Kinsey

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