Bill Campbell freebsd at
Thu Feb 3 11:37:00 PST 2005

On Thu, Feb 03, 2005, Marc G. Fournier wrote:
>On Thu, 3 Feb 2005, Warren Block wrote:
>>On Wed, 2 Feb 2005, Erik Norgaard wrote:
>>>Just to clarify myself, is listed in and 
>>> but NOT in
>>>I just checked sorbs spamdb faq, they require a fine of $50 per spam mail 
>>>donated to charity!? - is FreeBSD ok as charity? - to delist a server, 
>>>with the exception if it happens due to blocking a whole netblock.
>>If you're using sendmail:
>>cd /etc/mail
>>edit access and add:
>># FreeBSD mailers
>>                 OK
>>                 OK
>>Save and 'make maps'.
>>>Time to block sorbs I guess...
>>Unless SORBS is trying to send you email, what would that accomplish?
>>If you use SORBS and don't like their policies, just stop using them. Or 
>>explicitly allow mail from the IP addresses you want, as above.
>What I'm more curiuos about is *how* the FreeBSD mail servers go onto the 
>list in the first place ... did someone submit them because they couldn't 
>figure out how to unsubscribe, and got tired of receiving freebsd-* mail?

It doesn't surprise me that the IP made spam DNSBLs because a fair amount
of spam does get through to the list.  It's not obvious that messages come
from the list (one of advantages of subject tagging with list prefixes) so
it's easy for people to report that spam to places like spamcop without
realizing that it's list traffic.

I think the list manager for this list is Mailman.  It's easy to implement
spamassassin checking in Mailman which would probably catch a large
percentage of the spam that now gets through to the list.  We run lists
here with postfix and amavisd-new which traps worms that attack the
Microsoft virus, Windows, and flags messages that spamassassin identifies
as spam with headers that are easy to pick up with Mailman to forward to
the list owner for approval.

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