Please advise on triple-head _HIGH_ resolution solution forFreeBSD ...

Александр Деревянко aeder at
Thu Feb 3 11:17:06 PST 2005

Joe Schmoe wrote:

>To let me say initially, I have the goal of buying
>three of the new apple 30" cinemadisplays and running
>them as one large extended desktop in x11 under
>The displays are 2560x1600, and I want to utilize them
>at full resolution.
>The question:  what hardware can perform this _and_
>work under FreeBSD ?  My guess is I have three
>- find _one_ PCI-X or AGP card that can drive all
>three monitors at once ... the matrox p750 can do
>this, but only at 1280x1024 for three screens.  The
>new matrox APVe can also do this, but only at
>1920x1080 or below (not quite clear) ... so these are
>not valid choices ... are there any single cards that
>can do 3x (2560x1600) ?
>- find three normal PCI cards that can each drive
>2560x1600 ... not sure if such advanced cards were
>ever made for plain old PCI, or how well that would
>work ... at 3x that res, would I be getting close to
>saturating the PCI bus ?
>- find a system that has 3 PCI-X slots in it (does
>that exist ?) and then find 3 PCI-X gfx cards that can
>each do 2560x1600 ... any thoughts on this line ?  And
>if so, what would be a good FreeBSD supported gfx card
>to stick three of in a system ?
>Obviously I need help ... so any comments at all are appreciated.
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According only hardware specs, Matrox Parhelia claimed to support Apple 
Cinema at full resolution.
Indeed, i don't know is it supported in Freebsd.

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