FreeBSD 3.2

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Thu Feb 3 08:21:46 PST 2005

gfoster9055 at wrote:

>Yea, that is in the works, here is alittle more info, the school 
>that I am working with is moving mostly to winblows, and they do 
>not have anyone to support the BSD machine or linux machine that 
>they have. So the nice guy that I am, I am donating my time to the 
>school to work on the servers and some of the sites. I got them to 
>let me keep some of the websites on the BSD server so that I can 
>have better control over the sites and software. But updating is 
>out of the question at the momment because of policy and budget so 
>I have to work with what I have at the momment. Only thing that I 
>can do is add software at this time. That is why I need the info for 
>FreeBSD 3.2

OK, now, I'm not given to trolling, but this seems a tad strange.
Also, please realize this isn't a personal attack, either.  It does
sound a bit like I'm ranting, though, so let's direct it at the

"Budget" can't be an excuse for this problem, because you are
"donating" your time "to the school"; furthermore, FreeBSD is
free as in "Free Beer" (they didn't have that at my school, but
I understand the concept.)  So what costs will you incur by
upgrading the server, other than the PITA that it may be to
you (3.2-3.5.1-4.1-4.11-5.3 is a long process...)?

So it must be policy.  Are you still a student there?  What control
do they have over you?  If you can install the software, are you not
root?  What's to keep you from installing 5.X and hacking
"" to read something different?  Better yet, grab the
sources at home/other location and roll your own release, naming
it something like, um, "FreeBSD 3.2"?  Or <ultratrolling>how 'bout
"FreeBSD 3.2 upgraded to something modern you $RANDOMEXPLETIVE

Really, if you're root and no one else knows anything about BSD or Tux,
what's really holding you back?

Anyway, enough trolling.  What about compiling new versions of PHP/
MySQL from source, and seeing if they'll still run on 3.2?

And I wish you luck whatever you decide (or are allowed?) to do.

Kevin Kinsey

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