questions about extra logging

Steve Lake steve.lake at
Thu Feb 3 07:25:39 PST 2005

	I'm curious of something.  I think I've got a fellow co-worker who may be 
trying to break into my workstation and I need some help.  I know kde logs 
whenever a failed login attempt occurs if the screen is locked and sends 
that in the daily logs, but it doesn't log successes.  IE successfully 
loging into KDE via the password box when the screensaver/blank screen is 
running.  I'd like to log ALL attempts, success, failure or otherwise, and 
have that included in my daily log reports so that I know if they did in 
fact get in at any one point when I wasn't there.  I want to be able to do 
this so I can turn this into my manager and stop this from happening.  So 
far I see no evidence that they got in, but that doesn't mean that they're 
not putting everything back before locking the screen again either.  IE I 
don't want someone perusing my workstation while I'm not there.  Any help 
or suggestions will be welcome.

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