I can't boot from the CD...

Greg Barniskis nalists at scls.lib.wi.us
Thu Feb 3 07:25:34 PST 2005

Glen Stewart wrote:
> I downloaded FreeBSD from your site (I downloaded it to my MAC)
> The PC that I will put it on is a new Compaq Presairo - with a AMD 
> Semptron 3000+ Chip.
> The ISO that I downloaded onto the MAC was dragged and drppped - then 
> Burned on a CD.
> I did not "prep the file or convert it" in any way.
> I switched the boot order to CD - and I still cannot get the Free BSD 
> Disk to boot...
> What do I need to do?
> Glen Stewart
> P.S. Please Help ASAP!

The ISO (any ISO, really) isn't a file that gets burned to CD "as 
is". It's an "image" or representation of a *file system* that needs 
to be processed and then burned to CD.

I don't know what the Mac procedure for burning an ISO is, but in 
Windoze I generally rely on right-clicking the ISO file and having a 
pop-up menu offer me a choice like "create CD from image". Almost as 
simple as drag-n-drop, but not quite.

Barring any other more detailed help that may pop up from this list, 
just go into the Mac software that you use to burn CDs and search 
their help for "ISO" to get tips on appropriate ISO image burning 
techniques. It should be blissfully simple.

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